The old building stands against time, yet embraces time.
Sees a new day and sighs about an old day.
A door creaks, spouting shivers in the fresh wind of now.
Will it be forever...a new old love?
Speak old building. Tell me a story of glory, people, songs, movement.
Embrace me with stories of bygone glory.

First helicopter landings,
Royal North Shore Hospital - RNSH.

Sydney Harbour,
Views from Bradleys Heads.

Renovations - Golden Grove, Newtown

At the Gym,
Get Active/Fitness First, St Leonards.

Northshore, Hamilton Reach,
Developments under way.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church,
Fortitude Valley.

Riverside, Brisbane River.

South Bank, Brisbane River

Central Park, New York

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This image was approved by the NSW State Archives & Records, as a gift for the Sydney Healing Ministry in Newtown.

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